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Here it is, the self-professed Media Viking’s review of Prometheus 3D.

Media Viking rants

Huh, it’s strange to be writing about something fairly new for a change. I’ve been so terribly bogged down with my dissertation and other stuff for the past academic year, that my blog contributions suffered. Well, died down actually. But here we go with Prometheus! I guess it goes without saying at this point, I’d assume, that there will be spoilers so heed the warning.

I’m not a massive science-fiction buff, as in I don’t actively follow and watch everything sci-fi though I do tend to look into the most interesting ones and classics of course. And at the very beginning I’m going to open a metaphorical can of worms by saying, that against all odds, I quite enjoyed this movie. I can already hear the torches lighting up and people screaming “heretic, burn the heretic!”, but I’d advise you to have a nice big cup of sit-and-quiet-the-fuck-down, before…

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