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Editor, Writer, Reviewer, Nerf Enthusiast.

“Baby, I only roll twenties.

Opinionated, cynical and a little bit insane, minor internet celebrity James ‘Seraph’ Eagle – the founder of Spell Checked* – is a journalist and a screenwriter who dabbles in photography, along with the occasional bit of acting. One day, he hopes to publish a book or two so he doesn’t have to work anymore. When he’s older, he’d like to buy a small bookshop in the Cotswolds where he can sit and read in peace.

(Or build a death ray and conquer Luxembourg, either is good)

He also breeds carnivorous plants and sets them on people. You have been warned.

Reading: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood by Oliver Bpwden
Watching: Spaced
Listening to: The Ladykiller- Cee lo Green
Surfing: TGWTG
Playing: Crackdown 2
Console of choice: PS3



Reviewer, Viking Warrior, Metal Gear Maniac

A child of the 80’s, Jaakko ‘Omnilion’ Ahlsten is studying English language and journalism in a tiny university in the United Kingdom. He’s a keen musician, living instrument (possibly a trombone) and a music lover, who likes to play games as well. Enjoys movies, literature, friends and being a total wackjob. Possibly a Viking spy.

Games have been a part of his life since early childhood, including titles like Bubble Bobble, Commander Keens, Slick ‘n’ slide, etc. His first console, which was the start of a keen interest in games, was the Sony Playstation, Anno Domini 1996. Ever since games have been an integral part of his being, and later consoles include Playstation 2, PSP and Playstation 3. Are you sensing a pattern here?

His favorite series, and the best series ever*, is the Metal Gear-series, which has inspired his interest in voice acting, voice production, and further fueling his love for music. Other favorites include Final Fantasy’s, Hitman-series and Syphon Filter- series.

(*The management maintains this statement to be absolute fact, because we don’t want to get attacked with a battle axe again)

Any further inquiries should be addressed to the Finnish embassy, if there are any.

Thank you for your co-operation.




Witty, Ironic. That pretty much covers it.

Film, literature and music enthusiast, addicted to internet and most of the existing popular social  networks. My lifelong desire is to acquire as much knowledge as I can, I’m very interested in philosophy and other stuff that scrambles your brain.

In here I’ll be probably reviewing some of the most twisted films I’ve seen, the funniest, the crappiest, or some special ones which do not fit in any of the categories mentioned above. Also, might be looking at some music albums, not necessarily the ones I love, just new ones that get released – depending whether I have the time to get into them before they’re too old to review. My personal blog, where I either whine or post funny stuff is http://andreea-has-a-box.blogspot.com/ so feel free to check it out if my reviews catch your attention.

In my free time I play Sims, whether on PSP or PC, read (working on finishing all of Dostoyevsky’s works), or take photographs (of landscapes, macro of objects or animals).

Proudly studying Film and Lit at Worcester Uni, being taught by the most awesome lecturers and starting to prepare my subject for my dissertation.


Professor Chronotis (DSc, MSc, LLB)

Evil Genius, Mad Scientist, part time nemesis.

“Has anyone seen the photonic coil from my doom ray? I know I put it down around here somewhere…”

A mysterious alternate/future/mirror version of Seraph, Professor Chronotis (DSc, MSc, LLB) is (was) a time-travelling super-villain, who ended up stuck in our universe, and who now lives in Seraph’s garden shed, where he builds doomsday devices and makes clogs for badgers. It is unknown where he attained his morally dubious doctorates, though he claims to have certificates for all of them ‘around here somewhere’.

Reading: Nuclear bombs for dummies
Watching: Threads
Listening to: The very best of Glen Miller
Surfing: The Pentagon’s secure databases
Playing: Left 4 Dead 2
Console of Choice: Nintendo DS

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