Batman: Arkham City: Harley’s Revenge DLC Review

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Don’t buy this. I’m not even kidding. I’m straight up just gong to tell you that now.

The reason that you shouldn’t buy this is that it is one the laziest, most pointless DLC packs ever made. It’s up with the Oblivion Horse armor.

The reasons why Harley’s Revenge suck are many, and I shall do my best to enumerate them all. First and foremost is, as I’ve already opined, just how gosh darn lazy it is. I mean it really is spectacularly lazy. It doesn’t do anything new, except possibly the ability for enemies to take civilians hostage, but that only happens once, and only if you’re playing very badly. There are no new enemy types, and you are restricted to a small section of the main games map, the drab, boring steel mill.

You are dropped in as Robin, looking for Batman, who has been missing in Arkham City for some time. Harley Quin has captured him, and instead of doing something smart, like, say, unmasking and killing the man who killed her beloved mister J, (or at least trying to), she just puts him in a cage. Robin eventually finds Batman, lets him out and they capture Quinn. There, I just saved you two hours and £7. Because that’s all there is to Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

I suppose there is the draw of playing as Robin outside of the challenge maps, but seriously, the pitiful amount of time you spend playing as him, and the paltry area your allowed to explore as him means it’s barely any different.

There are no revelations. No new information or characterisation is presented. There is literally nothing here worth the money I paid. It only serves to make me notice how grating Tara Strong’s cheap imitation of Arleen Sorkin’s iconic Harley Quinn voice actually is. We’re teased by a tiny piece of dialogue between Gordon and Batman about some other matter they have to attend to, but that’s it. I suppose they can’t go giving anything away for the next game, but they don’t give us anything here. Okay, there is one thing, and this a spoiler so close your eyes and keep scrolling if you don’t want to know- Harley might not be pregnant after all. There’s a whole bunch of negative pregnancy tests lying around. Where the hell did she even get those? And let’s not ignore the possibility that she could have just asked all her henchmen to use them. Though god knows why.

There is absolutely no point spending actual money on this trash, not when the XBLA and PSN have games like Journey, Fez, Limbo and Braid on them. This is a perfect example of money grabbing. This pathetic offering is an insult to the fans. Avoid unless they ever make it free, and then you might as well play it just to punch Harley in the face.

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