About The Site

What do we do here?

Spell Checked* is a website dedicated to bringing you reviews of the latest games, books, movies and television. We welcome contributions from you, the reader, and are always on the lookout for fresh writers, photographers and video makers. Spell Checked* has its own Flickr feed, its own Twitter feed, and its own Facebook page.


Why don’t you review (x) Game/Movie/Show/Book?

While we do sometimes take requests, we tend to have a schedule of things to review plotted out in advance.
Of course sometimes, real life dictates the plot, and we simply can’t afford to go out and see every new movie, play every new
game and read every new book etc, because we don’t run SC* for profit.

Why do you run this site?

Because we’re basically a bunch of egomaniacs, and we desperately crave your attention and approval.
Seriously though, we do it because we love it, and we just want to have fun and entertain/inform our fans.

Why do you have a somewhat… erratic update schedule?

Because we don’t do this full time. We can’t afford to, since we don’t make any money from doing this.
We update when we can, but being students, having jobs, friends and other projects means that Spell Checked*
often has to take the back-bench to real life, especially with regards to anything that makes us
money to buy wonderful new toys.

I take it you’re fans of That Guy and his cohorts?

Absolutely. While we’ve been doing reviews of stuff since before Doug & Co started their meteoric rise to fame,
We do have to admit that we only started doing video reviews after seeing how popular theirs were.
Any similarities, (there shouldn’t be many besides the style of the videos) should be taken entirely as a form
of fanboyish hero-worship, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

How long has Spell Checked* been around?

In one form or another, since 2005. Starting out as The Anti-Chav Militia, a blog of young Seraphs daily life and
struggles, eventually evolving into Abolishing The Monarchy, which was more news and review based, before
its final transformation into the internet marvel you now see before you.

Can I do a piece for Spell Checked*?

Sure you can, we’d love to have new people on the team. Check out Writing for Spell Checked* for more info.

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