Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

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Right then, here we go! It was intense, action packed, highly emotional, it had a good cinematography, good pacing and a lot on info to convey, which was done right and clear.

It should be kept in mind that I didn’t read the books, so I won’t start ranting on how it respected the book or not, or make any comparisons as I have no clue about that stuff. I watched all the films without reading the books although I kinda intend to read them now.

Anyway! Because I am not that great at being diplomatic, some spoilers may crop up. Also, because I kinda like romantic films, I will go on about the couples in this.

I personally loved it, and I cannot say enough times, that I am not your usual Harry Potter dedicated fan, I just like films, I am usually picky, but there are films I watch only because I find them cute. This ‘cute film’ label was used for the previous Harry Potter films, I enjoyed them, but I did not considered them amazing films, till this last one appeared and I saw it in the cinema on the day of its premiere.

The film was enjoyable, as I previously stated, it mixed a lot of things. The flash backs were quite used in this one, but it wouldn’t have made sense without them, it was very well linked to the previous part, and as a film plot, all the characters got what they deserved, though, I would’ve been kinder to Snape (Alan Rickman), poor Snape, poor adorable Snape. I liked how Draco (Tom Felton) is given another chance, and his mother (Helen McCrory) was all sweet like, lying to the Dark Lord (Ralph Fiennes) and such, while his dad (Jason Isaacs) was a wuss.

There was a lot of action in the battle scenes, it’s not gory, obviously, but still quite violent and powerful. Hogwarts being attacked is quite emotional, but the part where McGonagall (Dame Maggie Smith) summons the stone soldiers is scary and intense; the way they fight the trolls is too. The highlights which are supposed to be touching but funny in the same time are Ginny completely ignoring Ron’s return, Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) killing Bellatrix (Helena Bonham Carter), Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) being surprised that Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) was alive all along in his arms, and the list could continue. But speaking about Ginny (Bonnie Wright), I wished, so badly, that that whole intense, shy, sexy, lustful chemistry between her and Harry would be explored more, while in the film she’s the only one looking after him and longing for him to at least pat her on the back, and Harry is only slightly distracted when he sees her. I mean, damn boy, she just stood against an entire house – the Slytherins – to protect you, and you turn around and only talk to Neville (Matthew Lewis) ?! I mean, I know the guy got sexy in the past few months, but… Ginny? She’s so adorable and fierce. Not even when everything is ended (the final battle I mean) he doesn’t go to her, to at least console her losing her brother… He goes to Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). They could’ve waited! Youuu… socially awkward freak! Ok, that might be too harsh, but I really wanted him to pay her more attention. I also wished the Ron – Hermione love story would’ve been more obvious from the first part of Deathly Hallows, I know Hermione was kinda showing her feelings by being upset and Ron trying to please her only so she would forgive him… but at least hug more often you people. I loved their kissing scene, it was so sweet and I kinda expected it, they destroyed a horcrux together, they were alone, and wet.

Anyyyway, moving on, I need to go back at Snape’s death. I did not expect it to be so shocking, it made me just cringe in my seat, and when Harry find out all the truth behind him it gets even more moving.

The special effects in this one were also amazing. What I liked best were the protective enchantments made around Hogwarts and the shield created and then watching the attacks creating pretty blue lights. Shit got real when Voldemort went on full power and Neville’s scene after it was adorable, way to go Longbottom!

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It also had some scary scenes that came out of nowhere, like the one with the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw (Kelly Macdonald). One thing is that I had no knowledge of her existence before this film, secondly she was a bit too easily irritable and her scream was creepy, maybe understandable if we would’ve had more knowledge of her background and could’ve sympathised with her.

I would’ve also liked to know more of the story barely mentioned in the last two films on Dumbledore’s background. I’ve been told now and everything makes more sense, but I guess, if you’re not that into it it’s fine.

I loved how intricate some of the plot points were (well, in all the films there has been something similar), like the three Deathly Hallows, the seven Horcruxes, and the wands shenanigans. It was complicated but nicely put and in the end it all made sense.

I’ve read so far different opinions on the epilogue. I personally liked it, I wouldn’t actually mind taking it from the beginning again with their children, seeing Hogwarts come back to life again. It was necessary to see the couples (pretty obviously, since I am the one reviewing) moving on, having families, being lovely together, seeing Hermione as a concerned mother and Harry, oh amazing-dad-figure-Harry, encouraging his son and calming him down. Maybe it was just me, but at first I thought he stopped to tie his shoe laces because he saw Ron and Hermione’s daughter (because we all know we wanted Harry to get on with Hermione) and there’s the possibility of a future relationship. So cute!

All in all, I thought it was awesome, moving, shocking, thrilling and fulfilling. You can now go watch it after I spoiled it all.

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